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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Outlook for MCX Bullion Market by Money CapitalHeight

Gold was sloping lowest on Wednesday in this week, due to the losses causes overnight, on speculation about further cuts to the U.S. Federal Reserve's stimulus measures and an improving outlook for the global economy.
In 2014 gold will not decline much lower from current levels around $1,250, on the other hand trader and investors were in some hope that last year's 28 percent battering will bring a bounce back face disappointment, consensus estimates.

Platinum group metals will outperform gold and silver this year, bolstered by an improved global economic backdrop and lower mined output, but ample above-ground inventories will cap significant gains.

Experts are also having expectations that Silver and crude oil may outperform in 2014 as they had not performed well in 2013 and demand for this may boost from the industrial sector.

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