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Monday, 16 September 2013

Information about Indian Mcx Market or Bullion Market

The bullion market is just one of several ways to invest in gold and silver. Other options include exchange-traded funds, futures, options and mutual funds; these can be more appealing to investors, because they offer greater flexibility. Bullion offers less trading flexibility than other gold and silver investments
           Indian Bullion Market Association (IBMA) is the national level body being set-up to represent the Indian bullion trade and industry. It is a consortium of leading bullion dealers and jewellery merchants of India, who have joined hands with National Spot Exchange Limited, the pan India Electronic Spot Market for commodities.

         The idea is to promote a professional organization dedicated towards the growth and development of bullion trade and industry."Trade what you see, Not what you think" Very true and very well said... In today's fast moving, experimental world, everyone is looking for the safest mode of investment with guaranteed returns and are messed up with questions like where to invest? When to invest? And How much to invest?

Since India is among the fastest growing nations it is evident that the domestic demand for base metals will continue to remain strong.Mcx provides an exchange platform to the participants of the base metal value chain for mitigating which they could be exposed to. Mcx Tips gives the base metal consumers an idea of the price at which the Bullion would be available at a future point in time. With proper costing/financial planning they can cover their purchases. Exporters too, can benefit with an advance indication of the price likely to prevail which can be used to quote a realistic price to secure export contracts in a competitive market. Corporate entities using base metals as inputs, can benefit by hedging their risk on mcx irrespective of whether the Bullion traded needs their a requirements of exact quality / technical specifications.

With Bullion futures a hedger locks in a price and therefore the profit margin. Bullion futures exchanges like mcx provide an almost costless mechanism for risk transfer. With insurance those who want to lay off their risks have to pay a premium to those assuming these risks. But Bullion futures exchanges bring together various segments of the market place with differing objectives in price outlook. No premium is required to lay off risks a futures market allows producers and consumers to meet their requirements of securing their margins.

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 29690 TG1-29713 TG2-29745 TG3-29805 STOPLOSS-29599
SELL GOLD OCT BELOW 30123 TG1-30100 TG2-30070 TG3-30020 STOPLOSS-30201
SELL SILVER DEC BELOW 49435 TG1-49365 TG2-49265 TG3-49100 STOPLOSS-49693 
      Our Mcx Tips and Bullion Tips are very analytical methods are based on multiple time frame technical analysis. We provide the most valuable Tips by using various theory for most reliable and profitable trading opportunities for our clients. We provide you Positional Calls (maximum 8-10 calls),Proper follow-ups and news information, Market overview, Daily and weekly newsletters with great accuracy.


  1. That appears to be excellent however i am still not too sure that I like it. At any rate will look far more into it and decide personally!
    mcx tips

  2. MCX Premium Gold futures have been up 0.21 per cent, or Rs 62, at Rs 29,150 per 10 gram round 10.30 am (IST), whereas MCX Silver futures have been up 0.28 per cent, or Rs 111, at Rs 39,159 per 1 kg at across the comparable time.